Santa Clara Brick Company warrants that its product exceeds the severe weathering standards indexed by the American Standards for Testing Materials in effect at the time the warranty.

This repair or replacement warranty does not cover damage due to deterioration resulting from improper building practices, settling or subsidence of the ground, use of brick for sidewalks, paving for foot and vehicular traffic, mailboxes, soil dams, steps, porches or wherever flashing and weep holes are not properly installed.

This brick is manufactured for use on residential, commercial and multifamily projects that are properly flashed with weep holes installed every 24".  Earth and mulch must be kept below the first row of bricks in order for water to evacuate. 

You are encouraged to read the complete description of the remedies, limitations and exclusions written in the warranty itself. Your Master Brick sales representative will be happy to provide the warranty document for your review. This limited warranty can be transferred by the homeowner to a subsequent owner as part of the sale of the property.

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